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Our goal is two-fold; we are rescuing horses and giving them a high noble purpose - rescuing loved ones and restoring meaning to their lives.

Some of the  many special needs we serve:

ADD * Addiction * Autism * Cerebral Palsy * Down Syndrome * Depression * Head or Brain Trauma * Learning Disabilities * PTSD * Speech Impairment * Spinal Cord Injury * Stroke * Victims of Abuse

Mental, Physical or Emotional Trauma can interfere with a person's quality of life

Guiding Reins offers an alternative to improve mental/physical health for all ages. Horses once destined for disposal create a unique and powerful heart-mind connection between human and equine. We regularly work with first responders, veterans, Wounded Warriors and the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. 

Horses offer life-changing gifts, helping people with everyday life skills 

Horse slaughter is a subject that relatively few Americans even know about.  Over 100,000 horses a year are exported out of the country for slaughter, many in "good" condition.  The long journey away from everything they knew is followed by an unspeakable end.

The good news is there are increasing numbers of sanctuaries and rescues across the country devoted to saving these animals. There are many, many advocates who are committed to providing shelter, nutrition, and care for these gentle creatures, along with educating the public about the value and contribution horses bring to our lives. 

Because horses are prey animals, they are highly attuned to the environment around them, and are very sensitive to the emotions of their human companions.  They are social animals, and are willing to engage and build a relationship with their people! 

Therapy professionals are finding that horses with a history of abuse or neglect are the IDEAL partners in an equine therapy setting…the result of this partnership is an unconditional exchange of love, with mutual acceptance, offering therapeutic benefits to both! 

Diane Prewitt


 Born and raised in South Carolina, Diane took her first riding lesson at Lawton Stables on Hilton Head Island when she was 7 and the spell was cast! She continued to work and show horses even thru her college years and was a member of the University of South Carolina Equestrian Team 1984-1988. She then pursued a graduate degree and profession as a Paralegal and started her own freelance business in 1999, Paralegal Resources, LLC. Diane always had to board her horses off site, but had a dream of owning a farm and being able to see her horses in her own pastures someday (one day)?.  In 2004, Diane and her husband Tom built Westview Farm in Campobello and the dreams finally came true and they and three horses and two ACD Blue Heelers call Westview Farm home. Diane  is a long time (13 years) volunteer with TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tryon) and a Board member for FETA (Foothills Equestrian Trail Association.) and is thrilled to finally see her vision of Guiding Reins become a reality! 

Megan Malan



Megan Malan is a PATH, Intl Advanced Instructor and Mentor; a USEF Bronze Para-Dressage Coach; and is Youth Development Director on the Board of a national Working Equitation organization.  Megan's father is a retired Navy Commander, and her family feels strongly about serving and thanking U.S. military veterans.   Megan teaches riders of many abilities on the family farm in Tryon, NC, where she lives with her husband; that ex-Navy father, mentioned above;  two busy sons; and various dogs and horses. 

Megan is a 1998 Furman graduate. She stays busy with music and family stuff, when not teaching horses and horse people.